Romanian Association
of Finance and Banking


Romanian Association of Finance and Banking — RoFIBA is carrying on activities in the interest of the scientific community in the finance-banking field, aiming to promote professional, scientific and ethical values within the Association, to represent and defend the professional and scientific interests of individuals and / or legal entities that recognize its principles and its organization and operation charter, having as milestones the challenges and scientific achievements in this field at national and international level, to promote innovation and economic culture in the finance-banking field in the Romanian society, in order to protect the interests of the scientists' community and to implement a research environment correlated with the European achievements.

The Association acts in order to preserve, affirm and develop the traditions of the national and international economic science in the finance-banking field, to strengthen the relationship between scientists, researchers and the teaching staff in the national and international higher education, in order to increase the national and international visibility of the results of the scientific research in the finance-banking field and the related fields.


The principles governing the activities of the Romanian Association of Finance and Banking — RoFIBA are as follows:

  • scientific probity;
  • professional ethics (moral integrity, respect for freedom of expression, justice, equity, tolerance, honesty);
  • intellectual honesty;
  • professional and civic responsibility;
  • tolerance for diverse viewpoints;
  • transparency (correct and complete information to encourage constructive and grounded criticism);
  • political independence and neutrality.


The objectives of the Romanian Association of Finance and Banking — RoFIBA are as follows:

  • promotion and development of research and education activity by organizing seminars, conferences, debates, with national and international character, through external programs and partnerships included;
  • attracting personalities and prestigious scientific institutions from this country and from abroad among the associated members and honorary members of the association;
  • establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with scientific and academic institutions, universities, institutes and research centers, similar specialized organizations from this country and from abroad;
  • inviting scientific personalities of international reputation, to support courses and lectures on issues specific for the association's profile;
  • initiating, organizing and supporting the development of scientific theoretical and applicative research papers, in the field of finance-banking and related fields;
  • verifying and certifying the professional and scientific knowledge and skills of specialists in finance-banking field, issuing recommendations and professional certificates in this field;
  • promoting research papers and researchers with outstanding contributions in the field of finance-banking and related fields, including awards, certificates and other forms of stimulating the research and innovation activities that add value;
  • developing and maintaining specialized periodicals and occasional publications (journals, books, reports, working papers etc.).
  • collaborating in publishing specialty reviews, studies, collective volumes, books or other materials to ensure the promotion of scientific research results in the field of finance-banking and related fields;
  • developing specialty scientific research studies, themes and programs of regional, national or international interest, using the association's human and material resources or using such resources in partnership with individuals and similar institutions from this country and from abroad;
  • participating with research projects and topics in national and international competitions organized by scientific research institutions;
  • encouraging and granting financial support for association's members, especially younger members, to participate in national and international specialized scientific manifestations;
  • supporting and funding of international mobility performed by the association's members in order to improve professional training and to develop academic and scientific cooperation relations with universities and research institutions the profile of which is compatible with the association's profile;
  • recognition and promotion of Romanian and international scientific professional values and achievements in the finance-banking field, by instituting a system of granting awards and diplomas, and facilitating scholarships for studies, both from its own resources and the resources attracted from other institutions and organizations;
  • establishing scientific collaboration relations with similar organizations from this country and from abroad;
  • affiliation in unions or federations, with other institutions and legal entities or individuals from this country and from abroad;
  • membership in other non-profit professional — scientific organizations from this country or from abroad;
  • setting up scientific and publishing collaboration agreements with journals with international visibility and indexed in international databases;
  • creating and maintaining a website of the Association, through which all the information on the association's structure and members, the goals, objectives and activities of the association to be published;
  • providing for and organizing the association's relations with media for the promotion of the Association's activities;
  • initiating, establishing and developing direct economic activities, incidental and closely related to the main purpose of the association, in order to obtain the financial resources necessary to accomplish the tasks and objectives of the association. In this respect, the association will set up a publishing house that will provide for the scientific results of the association's members to be published (including, but not limited to publishing an online journal), and a specialized scientific advice center in the finance-banking field, through which the results obtained by conducting the association's activities to be disseminated;
  • transfer of best practices regarding the professional development of specialists in finance-banking field, the specific process improvement, the operational activities in the association's field of activity.
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